How to change the Hold Action on your ecobee thermostat


When I want to change the set point temperature--In other words, bump up the temperature a degree or two--it changes to "Holding at <temp>" and stays there. Isn't there some way to bump it up a degree or two and have that only last until the next scheduled time. In other words, if you are home in the evening and want to bump it up a degree or two, why should you have to go back and cancel that in order to have it resume it programmed scheduled of changing to a night-time setting??


The Hold Action can be modified, the default is set to "Until I Change It". You as the end user have the ability to change the Hold Action.  To change the Hold Action, please perform the following steps from the thermostat.

Click Menu>Settings>Preferences>Hold Action.

You have the ability to hold the change for 2 hours, 4 hours, Until the Next Scheduled Activity, Until I Change It or Decide at the Time of Change.

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