Using AC Overcool Max to control excessive humidity


One of the biggest reasons for changing thermostats is that we need to regulate humidity. We prefer to have humidity no higher than 50 % in the summer and now we run around 60%. We do not have a dehumidifier. Can the thermostat be set for a particular level to which it will adjust?


You can use the AC to help bring down the humidity in the home by changing a setting on the thermostat.

Perform the following steps from the thermostat:

Click Menu>Settings>Installation Settings>Thresholds>AC Overcool Max.

What this will do is cool past the set point by however many degrees you choose to help battle humidity. Once the set point has been met, it will turn off the AC. So, for example, if your set point is set to 72F and you change the AC Overcool Max setting to 2F, that means the AC will cool the home down to 70F. 

So, it's helping by extending the cooling cycle time to allow more time to reduce the humidity, but only until that set point is met.


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