How to: Disable Smart Home/Away



I set my away from house in the comfort setting at 69 degrees. My at at home and sleep setting is 71. However, at random times I click into the app and it shows this setting

If I don't catch this, the temp drops and gets too cold. I have a 1 year old at home most of the time and don't like the house getting too cold. Especially since the temp in her room tends to be a little colder than the temp in the thermostat room. (I've tried putting a sensor in her room but it hasn't worked yet. I'll probably try relaxing the sensors battery to see if I can get it to work)

How can I get this to stop auto setting at 67? I've changed every setting I can see to be at least 69 degrees.


It sounds like the device is going into Smart Away mode when it detects no one is home during a Home scheduled event.  What also happens is that the thermostat is continually gathering data in regards to how efficient the home is, how quickly the HVAC equipment is able to heat up the home as well as what the weather is for that day.  If the thermostat feels like it can adjust the Away set point and still recover in time to hit the set point when it detects motion for the Home or Sleep activity, it will do so to help you save some money.

Since there is a baby in the home, so what you can so the device follows the schedule and only the schedule is to disable Smart Home/Away.

You can do this from the web portal or thermostat by performing the following steps.

Click Sensors>Smart Home/Away>Disable. (As shown on thermostat)



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