How-to: Reconnect a thermostat that is offline

This article applies to the ecobee3, ecobee3 Lite, and the ecobee4

If you are unable to access your ecobee through the mobile app or web portal, this means that your ecobee is offline/no longer connected to the Internet. If your ecobee becomes disconnected from Wi-Fi this is may be caused by channel hopping on your network or loss of power at the router.



1) First, ensure that you are on the most recent firmware. You can check by going into MAIN MENU > ABOUT > VERSION.  If you are not on the most recent firmware, reach out to our Support team and request an upgrade

2) Unplug your router and leave it off for about two minutes

3) Power-cycle the ecobee by removing it from the wall mount and leaving it off for about two minutes

4) After two minutes, plug your router back in and wait for it to come back online

5) Once your router is back up and running, place the ecobee back on the wall and wait for it to finish powering up; it should reconnect to Wi-Fi on its own after about a minute or so

6) If your ecobee doesn’t automatically reconnect to Wi-Fi, try manually connecting by going into MAIN MENU > SETTINGS > WI-FI > NETWORK > SELECT WI-FI NETWORK and selecting your home Wi-Fi network


If your ecobee is still unable to reconnect to Wi-Fi after rebooting both the router and the thermostat, reach out to our Support team at 1-877-932-6233 for further assistance. Agents are available from 8:00AM-12:00AM EST Monday through Friday and from 9:00AM-9:00PM Saturday through Sunday.

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