Smart Away - how long before it activates?


I was trying to find out how long the system waits for not detecting any motion, before sending it into "Away" mode, and whether or not it can be customized?


The smart home/away feature (once enabled) changes your setpoints depending on occupancy detected by the main thermostat and your remote sensors. If the thermostat is in the ‘home’ schedule and there is no occupancy detected for 2 hours – the thermostat will change into ‘smart away’ mode which brings your setpoint close to your ‘away’ settings (as the thermostat knows it will have to recover the temperature drop once you return, it will calculate a reasonable setback and bring the temperature down; close enough to the selected ‘away’ setpoints).

Similarly, if the thermostat is in the ‘away’ schedule, it will disregard any motion for the first hour for when ‘away’ mode starts (just in case you decide to leave late one day). Anytime after the first hour of ‘away’ mode, if the thermostat detects motion – it will turn on the ‘smart home’ mode (smart home does change exactly to your selected ‘home’ schedule settings).

Please keep in mind that these time settings in this feature for when ‘smart home/away’ turns on are not configurable at the moment.

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