How do I find the network information on my ecobee?

When troubleshooting Wi-Fi connection issues with ecobee's Support team, our agents will need the network information on your ecobee thermostat to help diagnose the problem.

1. On the thermostat, open the MAIN MENU by tapping the three horizontal bars in the bottom left corner. 



2. In the MAIN MENU, scroll down and select SETTINGS



3. On the next screen, select WI-FI



4. Select DIAGNOSTICS at the bottom of the menu



5. Select WI-FI  at the bottom of the menu



6. You're now looking at the Wi-Fi network information screen. Our agents will need pictures of this screen. Take a picture of the top half of the screen, scroll down, then take a picture of the lower half.  



NOTE: Your thermostat will have different a different IP address, SSID (Network Name), than the one pictured above. 

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