Why is my ecobee not connected to wi-fi?

Please check if your router is powered on, and whether other devices (such as your phone or tablet) are connected to it.

If they are, you’ll need to be at your ecobee to fix a wi-fi issue. On your home screen, select Quick Changes.

You’ll see two icons: one for mobile device, the other for wi-fi connectivity. If the wi-fi connectivity icon has a (!) next to it and the mobile device is not red, please follow the instructions to connect to

If both icons are red, please follow instructions to set up wi-fi and connect to

If you’ve recently changed the password to your wi-fi network, you’ll need to re-enter it into your ecobee. To do so, please follow these steps:

Go to Menu > About > Wi-Fi.


Scroll down to select Connected to Wi-Fi Router. If it says no, please set up your wi-fi by going to Menu > Settings > Wi-Fi.




Select Network, and then your network name. Enter your password to connect.











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