ecobee return policy

If you are the original purchaser who bought new Product directly from ecobee, you may for any reason return that Product in as-new condition to ecobee within up to 30 days after you have received the Product for a full, money-back refund or credit of the Product purchase price if already paid. The refund or credit does not include any shipping or handling charges; you are entirely responsible for shipping and handling charges. If you are an organization that bought Product under a separate, written agreement with ecobee, that agreement may contain different terms or conditions for the return of Product than specified herein.

To begin the return process, please call our customer support team at 1.877.932.6233, or email us at After you have contacted us, we will email you a return of merchandise authorization (RMA) form. Print and attach this form to your return, and ship the product back to our US or Canadian warehouse, depending on which country you reside in; the address will be on the RMA form.

To complete the return process, email the return package's tracking number to the customer service representative you previously contacted. Once the shipment is received, the return will be processed, and a refund will be issued to your method of purchase.

If your ecobee was purchased at different retailer, please refer to their return policy.

For international returns, please contact customer service by emailing, or calling 1.877.932.6233.

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