How does Alexa work when my ecobee is in Auto Mode?

If you use Auto mode, you can still ask Alexa to change the temperature by saying, “Alexa, set [Thermostat Name] to [number] degrees”.  Alexa will respond to you by saying, “Auto keeping the temperature between [number] and [number] degrees". using your specified temperature as the midway point between the selected heating and cooling set points

The numbers chosen will be based on the temperature difference between your heating and cooling set points at the time you asked Alexa to change the temperature.

Consider the following example:

  • The ecobee is currently set to 68F for heating and 74F for cooling (a 6F difference between 68 and 75)
  • You say "Alexa, set [thermostat name] to 70 degrees"

Alexa will then say "Auto keeping the temperature between 67 and 73", maintaining the 6F degree difference between the heating and cooling set points.

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