My ecobee4 is not powering up after installation. What could be the reason?

If your ecobee4 does not power on, please check the following:


  • Check that your R/Rc/Rh wire is connected into the Rc terminal.


  • Check that all wires are properly inserted into the terminal blocks at the thermostat. Tug on the wires to ensure they are not loose.


  • Ensure that the power is turned on from the circuit breaker.


  • Some HVAC equipment have a safety switch that cuts off power to the equipment if the equipment cover panel is not closed properly. Please ensure the cover panel of the equipment is closed properly.


  • If you installed the Power Extender Kit (PEK), ensure R wire is connected to Rc only and G wire is inserted into the C terminal, and the Y wire into the PEK terminal.


If your device still does not power on, please call ecobee support at 1.877.932.6233 (North America), 1.647.428.2220 (International)28.2220 (International)

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