My ecobee thermostat is not connecting to Wi-Fi. What could be the reason?

This article applies to all ecobee thermostats except Smart, Smart SI, EMS and EMS SI.
If your ecobee is having issues connecting or staying connected to the Internet, there are a few things to consider:

1) Ensure your router is powered on and is broadcasting on a 2.4G network. If you have a dual band router, you’ll want to make sure to connect to the 2.4G band—not the 5G.


2.) Ensure your firmware is up-to-date by going into MAIN MENU > ABOUT > VERSION on your thermostat.

3.) Check your router and ensure that your encryption type is set to WPA/WPA2-AES. We recently updated our security protocols removing support for TKIP encryption, so you may need to update your router settings.

4.) Check the signal strength on the ecobee by going into MAIN MENU > ABOUT > WI-FI on your thermostat. A signal strength lower than 75% could account for connection issues.




1.) Try power-cycling the ecobee and the router by unplugging the router and removing the ecobee from the wall.

2.) Leave both the router and the ecobee off for about two minutes, then plug the router back in first.

3.) Once the router is back up and running, place the ecobee back on the wall and wait for it to finish powering up—it should reconnect to Wi-Fi on its own. You can check the status of your connection on your thermostat's screen by going into MAIN MENU > ABOUT > WI-FI. You’ll want to make sure your ecobee is connected to your router, as well as connected to the servers.

4) If you’re on an older firmware version, reach out to our Support team and request an upgrade.

5) If your Wi-Fi signal strength is low, consider moving the router closer to the ecobee (if possible) or looking into a Wi-Fi range extender to provide a stronger signal.

6) If the above steps don’t work, try connecting via mobile hotspot

* If you’re able to connect to a hotspot but not to your home network, this indicates an issue with the network. Ensure that you’re connected to a 2.4G network, are entering the correct network password and the security settings for your network aren’t too high for the ecobee to access.


Double-check your router configuration

After a recent update in our security protocol, the ecobee no longer supports TKIP encryption types. Ensure that your router encryption type is set to either WPA-AES or WPA2-AES. Most modern routers are already configured correctly, but if you’re using an older router, you may need to make the adjustment.

You can verify whether you’re using AES by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to your router as an administrator
  2. Locate the WPA/WPA2 encryption setting
  3. Ensure the WPA/WPA2 encryption setting is set to AES and not TKIP


If you’re still unsuccessful, please reach out to our Support team at 1-877-932-6233 for further assistance. Agents are available from 8:00AM-12:00AM EST Monday through Friday and from 9:00AM-9:00PM Saturday through Sunday.

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