How do the Smart Home, Smart Away, and Follow Me features work?


Smart Home, Smart Away and the Follow Me are three ecobee Smart features that take occupancy into account when managing for comfort and savings.  

Smart Home and Smart Away are available on the ecobee3 and the ecobee4 out of the box. Follow Me can be enabled once the Wireless Room Sensor, which comes with the ecobee3 and ecobee4, is paired with the thermostat. On the ecobee3 lite, Smart Home and Smart Away become available once a Wireless Room Sensor is paired with the thermostat.  With two or more paired to the ecobee3 lite, Follow Me can be enabled.  For more information on the differences between ecobee thermostats, please review the comparison chart

Smart Home and Smart Away are features that sense if you're home and adjust your temperature set point accordingly.  When you're away during your scheduled Home period, your ecobee will engage Smart Away, a more energy-conservative setting. Similarly, when you're at home during a scheduled Away period, your thermostat will switch to your Home temperature settings 

To set up your Smart Home and Smart Away preferences, open the Main Menu on your ecobee thermostat or mobile app, then select Sensors, and Smart Home/Away.   When disabled, your ecobee will follow your programmed schedule.




Follow Me helps your ecobee better manage the temperature in occupied rooms.  Using occupancy-based algorithms, your ecobee with prioritize the temperature control in spaces where it matters most.

To set up Follow Me, open the Main Menu on your ecobee thermostat or mobile app, then select Sensors, and Follow Me.   When disabled, your ecobee will average the temperature reading across all participating sensors.





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