How do Smart Home/Away and Follow Me features work?



Smart Home/Away is the feature that senses if you’re home during a scheduled Away period (and vice versa) to automatically override your schedule. That way you’re guaranteed the comfort and energy savings of your ecobee, even when the unexpected happens.


To configure your Smart Home/Away settings, go to your ecobee and select Main Menu > Settings > Sensors > Enable or Disable Smart Home/Away. By disabling it, your ecobee will keep strictly to your schedule.


Follow Me is a feature that enables your ecobee to adjust the temperature depending on what room it detects occupancy in. When there are multiple rooms occupied, ecobee uses the average of those sensors, ensuring comfort in the rooms that matter. 


To set it up, go to Main Menu > Sensors > Follow Me to enable the feature. You should see the screen below. 

To pick and choose a subset of sensors that Follow Me will then apply to, go back to Main Menu > Settings > Sensors. You'll see a list of your sensors. 


Select the sensor you'd like to participate, and during which comfort settings. 


When Follow Me is disabled, your ecobee will use the average temperature readings from all sensor regardless of occupancy. 


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