What are Alexa ‘Skills’?

Skills are voice-driven capabilities that enhance the functions of your ecobee with Alexa. For example, you can enable skills that update you on your commute or play trivia games with you. You must enable a skill first before you can use it. Find and enable skills through the Alexa App or at


To adjust the temperature:

“Alexa, adjust [your thermostat name] by [x] degrees.”

“Alexa, turn off cooling [or heating].”


To read the temperature:

“Alexa, what is the temperature?”

“Alexa, what’s the temperature in [room with sensor]?”


To schedule:

“Alexa, I’m going on vacation from [date] to [date.”


In addition to adjusting or reading your temperature, your ecobee can set a timer, read you the news, play music—anything that there’s an Alexa skill for!


Want something to listen to? 

Alexa, play [song name] by [artist].

Alexa, play the program [podcast name].


Cooking something?

Alexa, set a timer for 45 minutes.

Alexa, convert 300 grams to ounces.

Alexa, add eggs to my shopping list.


Readying for the day?

Alexa, how is my commute looking?

Alexa, what’s in the news?


Got a question?

Alexa, Wikipedia Abraham Lincoln.

Alexa, who sings the song [song name]?


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