How do I install my ecobee4 with the new Power Extender Kit (PEK)?

Have no C wire when installing your ecobee4? No problem. We’ve included a Power Extender Kit (PEK) with your ecobee4, and installing it is quite easy. The PEK gets installed at the control board of your furnace and is wired in series with your thermostat wiring. Just follow these steps:


 1. Turn the power off to your HVAC system.

 2. Remove the wires going to the thermostat (R G Y W).

 3. You’ll see 5 white wires coming out of the PEK. (Each wire is labeled for the terminal it needs to be installed into).

 4. Once the PEK wires are installed into the control board, you’ll install the 4 wires going to the thermostat.

 5. Match up the terminals that were going into on the control board into the PEK.

 6. There’s a magnet on the bottom of the PEK, so you can stick it to the inside of your furnace.

 7. Insert your R, Rh or Rc wire into the Rc terminal, your G wire to the C terminal and your Y wire to the PEK terminal.

 8. Connect the remaining wires to their terminals on your new thermostat back plate. For example, insert the wire labelled W1 into the W1 terminal.


Turn the power back on to the HVAC system and pop the ecobee4 onto the wall plate. It should start up right away.

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