How Room Sensors help keep your home comfortable



How room sensors help keep your home comfortable

Your ecobee4 uses room sensors to detect motion and temperature in the different rooms throughout your home. Once you’ve set up your thermostat and paired it with at least one room sensor, there are a couple of features that ensure comfort in the rooms, and times, that matter most.


Smart Home/Away

Smart Home/Away utilizes all the sensors in your network – including the sensor built into your thermostat. It works by following your schedule unless any sensor in your network detects occupancy that conflicts with your schedule.


In other words, if your ecobee4 senses that you are home during a scheduled ‘Away’ period, or ‘Away’ during a scheduled ‘Home’ period, it will automatically override your schedule by placing you in Smart Home/Away mode to maximize comfort (Smart Home) and savings (Smart Away).


Activate Smart Home/Away

  1. Tap MENU, select SENSORS, tap SMART HOME/AWAY.
  1. Touch ENABLE to have your sensor network and thermostat detect occupancy. To have your thermostat strictly follow your programmed schedule, touch DISABLE.


Follow Me

Follow Me applies to a selected group of sensors in your network (including the sensor built-in your thermostat). It works by looking for motion triggered by any of the selected sensors. If motion is detected, the temperature reading from that sensor will be used by your ecobee4 to decide when to operate your heating or cooling system.


This ensures that you are comfortable in the rooms that you are occupying. If more than one sensor detects motion, the average of these sensors will be used. Your ecobee4 makes changes gradually when many sensors are detecting motion to make sure there are no sudden changes for your heating and cooling system to deal with.


Activate Follow Me

  1. Select MAIN MENU, select SENSORS, tap FOLLOW ME.
  2. Touch ENABLE.
  3. Select which sensors are affected by pressing on each checkbox.


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