Smart Homescreen Features

Q: I just purchased the Smart thermostat, but I'm not 'tech' savvy. Could you explain what I'm seeing on the main screen?

A: Absolutely. I can even add a picture so you can follow along visually. Below is a list of features you'll find on the homescreen of the Smart thermostat:


1. Set temperature
The set temperature is the temperature the system is programmed to maintain. You can adjust
it manually, but for maximum savings you should automate the temperature setting by
programming the thermostat. See Programming Your Smart Thermostat

2. Set Temperature Adjustment Slider
Using your finger, drag the slider back and forth to manually lower or raise your set
temperature. Tapping at either end of the temperature scale will move the slider by 1°F (0.5°C).
When you manually adjust the set temperature you will put the system into a Hold mode. See
Holding Action

3. Current Temperature
This is the current temperature in the room where the Smart Thermostat is installed. The
thermostat sends signals to your heating and cooling system to make sure this temperature
matches the set temperature on the thermostat. You can set the Smart Thermostat in
Celsius or Fahrenheit. See Setting up your Thermostat

4. System and Fan Settings
Displays the mode your heating and cooling system is currently running in, as well as the
furnace fan setting. Press Details to adjust these settings.

5. WiFi Signal strength indicator
Indicates the strength of the signal the Smart Thermostat is receiving from your WiFi router. You
must have WiFi enabled for the indicator to work.

6. Current Date and Time
Displays the current date and time for your time zone.

7. Internet Connection Indicator
Indicates that the Smart Thermostat is connected to the internet

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