How to install the ZigBee Module into the ecobee Smart

To install the ZBM, you will need to power down your Smart Thermostat.  You can, then remove the front cover from the thermostat. You can do this by gently twisting a flathead screwdriver in one of the two slots found on the side of the unit.




STEP ONE  Insert the plastics standoff in the hole located just below the battery and align the ZBM’s 20 pin connector with the mating connector on the thermostat.




STEP TWO  gently snap the ZBM onto the plastics connector. Reassemble the display unit, ensuring that the thermostat wires are clear from the area around the newly installed ZBM. Otherwise thermostat will not reassembly properly. 






The initial setup is done through the touch screen interface of your ecobee thermostat. You will need to create a Home Automation Network (HA network) so your Zigbee module can talk to other smart devices.

To setup the Zigbee module and create an Home Automation Network. You can access the setup either through the Registration icon on the homescreen, or if you have already registered your Smart Thermostat...  From the Home screen  press More > Settings and select Zigbee (Internal).

Adding Smart Devices to the Network, follow the prompts to complete your HA network setup.

Once your have created your HA network, you can add Smart devices to it by selecting “add” and following the step-by-step process. If you are not ready at add Smart Devices you can add them at any time by:

To add Smart Devices to the HA Network: From the Home screen press More > Settings and select  Zigbee (Internal) and select the  “add” button.

After adding your Smart Devices to the network, ecobee strongly suggests you take advantage of naming your devices to help you with locating and scheduling. To name Smart Devices in the HA Network: Select a device from your network list.  Note: if you have added several devices at once, use of the Test Device option found in your HA network menu to confirm the location of each device.

Select Name from the menu: Enter a name that will help you remember that device. (eg., kitchen switch, bedroom lamp)



Once you have added  and named the devices in your HA network, you can program schedules, monitor devices or turn them on or off via the Smart Thermostat interface, or from your ecobee Web Portal. For more details on how to do this refer to your Smart Thermostat user manual.

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