Remote Sensor Module - Installation

The Remote Sensor Module is mounted within the Equipment Interface enclosure. 

To begin, remove the front cover of the Equipment Interface. If necessary, insert a flat-head screwdriver into one of the slots as shown below, and gently twist the screwdriver.



Refer to fig. 1 for positioning.




To access the wiring channels for the Sensor Module simply remove the screws to release the plastic covers affixed to the front panel of the Equipment Interface. Refer to fig. 2.





All programming of the EB-RSM is done through the touch screen interface of the ecobee Smart or ecobee EMS thermostats. The sensors can be configured through the sensors menu item in the Installation Settings.

 To configure the sensor settings: From the Home screen select More > Settings > Installation Settings > Sensors.

 Refer to the SMART or EMS installation manual for more details.


Wiring Diagram

Wiring Specifications, refer to this table to determine maximum wire lengths allowed:

 Equipment Interface to Sensor Module >    18 AWG:  1000ft/380m

Sensor Module to Sensors >     18 AWG:   250ft/39m

Jumper Settings

 For proper operation, all 4 switches on SW1 should be in the OFF or down position as indicated in the drawing to the right.




Once the sensors have been configured they can be monitored from the sensors icon in the More screen.

 To monitor sensors:

 From the Home screen, press More > Sensors       

If a sensor is configured as a control sensor, you will be able to select which sensors will be used as the set temperature. If more than one is chosen the Thermostat will take the average of those sensors. The same logic applies for indoor humidity sensors.



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