Planning the Installation

Prior to installing the ecobee EMS, we recommend that you consider the following: 


Where is the ideal location to mount the Equipment Interface?

 > On a relatively flat surface

 >  In an environment that does not exceed the temperature or humidity level outlined in the specification section of this manual.

 >  In a location that is within the maximum wiring distance of the HVAC equipment and the Thermostat.


How do I intend to power the ecobee Energy Management System?

 >   Does the HVAC system control board have enough spare capacity to power this system?

 >  Do I need to provide a 24Vac transformer?

 >  Do I have access to a 120V electrical output to use the optional 12Vdc power adapter?


Where is the optimum location for the Thermostat?

  > Within the maximum wiring distance to the Equipment Interface.

  > Receiving good reception of WiFi signal (3 bars or more) from the location.

  > If WiFi reception is sub-optimal, what will be relocated, the Thermostat or WiFi router?

  > Do the temperature and humidity levels adequately represent the area controlled by the HVAC system?


How is the WiFi and Internet connection configured in this building?

  >  Do I have access to the customer’s WiFi and/or internet connection?

  >  What information do I need to provide to the IT staff to ensure the ecobee EMS can successfully connect to their WiFi and/or internet connection?


Once you have planned your installation continue with the installation instructions.

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