Creating an EMS Web-Portal Account

To manage and control your ecobee EMS or EMS Si thermostat, you will need a Web Portal account. 

To create an ecobee EMS Web Portal, please visit Fill out the form in full, including a valid ecobee EMS/EMS Si 12-digit serial number. You can use the same username and password as your current Contractor Portal or ecobee Thermostat account. If you do so, an additional tab titled EMS will appear the next time you log in. 

Note: You cannot register an ecobee Smart Thermostat (EB-STAT) to your EMS Web Portal. They are incompatible and an error will be generated if a Smart Thermostat serial number is entered into an EMS Web Portal.

To register an ecobee EMS Thermostat you will first need to create an ecobee EMS Web Portal account. 

Once you have logged into your EMS Web Portal and want to register a Thermostat,  click on My Sets and create a new Set to house the new Thermostat. Once a set is created, simply select Add a Thermostat and enter the 12-digit serial number of the ecobee EMS Thermostat. For more information, please refer to the on-line help menus in the EMS Web Portal.



Registering an ecobee EMS Thermostat


To register an ecobee EMS thermostat:

1) Log into your ecobee EMS Web Portal

2) From the Thermostat widget’s Manage tab, create a new set within the My Sets folder.

3) Click on the new set and select Add a Thermostat.

4) Fill in all necessary Information and click done.




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