Installing the Thermostat Control

Before beginning installation of the Thermostat, choose a suitable location as outlined in the Planning the Install section.

Do not install the Thermostat:

  • Close to sources of heat such as incandescent lights or heating/cooling registers.
  • In direct sunlight.
  • On exterior, non-insulated or poorly insulated walls.
  • In the kitchen or other areas of potentially high heat  and/or humidity.
  • In an area that could restrict air flow.

To install the Thermostat:


1. Remove the front cover of the Thermostat, insert a flat-head screwdriver into one of the slots as shown below and gently twist the screwdriver.



2. Place the Thermostat backplate on the wall. Make sure that any existing wires can be inserted through the opening for the wiring.

3.  Using the backplate as a template, mark the location of the mounting holes on the wall as shown below.

back if idt-install.jpg

4.  Move the backplate out of the way and make holes where indicated in step 3. The mounting holes can accommodate a #6 pan-head screw.

5.  Use drywall plugs or other screw anchors (not included) to ensure the Thermostat can be mounted securely to the wall.

6.  Fasten the backplate to the wall using the appropriate screws (not included).

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