Using the Touch Screen

The Smart Thermostat uses touch screen technology that makes navigation easy. Lightly tap the icons, buttons and lists or drag your finger across the screen to move a slider or scroll through a list. 

Note: To prevent damage to the touch screen, never use a sharp object such as a pen.

When the screen shows a list of items, an arrow to the right of the item indicates more than two options to choose from.  Touching this arrow will bring you to a new list or screen. 

If there are only two options for a given list, they will be displayed next to a switch within the list. Pressing anywhere on the item will toggle from one option to the other. 

In the various screens on the thermostat, you have three ways to navigate: 

  • Press Cancel to go back to the previous screen without saving changes. 
  • Press Done to save changes and move to the next screen. 
  • At any time, press the home button (found at the right-hand side of the touch screen). This cancels any action and takes you back to the home screen.


What’s on the Home screen?

The Home Screen displays the current temperature in your home, various heating and cooling settings, and icons for navigating to other features and settings of the Smart Thermostat. 

The Home Screen is the default display on your Smart Thermostat.


1. Set Temperature

The set temperature is the temperature the system is programmed to maintain. You can adjust it manually, but for maximum savings you should automate the temperature setting by programming the thermostat. See Programming Your Smart Thermostat.


2.  Set Temperature Adjustment Slider

Using your finger, drag the slider back and forth to manually lower or raise the temperature. Tapping at either end of the temperature scale will move the slider by 1°F (0.5°C). When you manually adjust the set temperature you will put the system into a Hold mode. See Holding Action  

3.  Current Temperature

This is the current temperature in the room where the Smart Thermostat is installed. The thermostat sends signals to your heating and cooling system to make sure this temperature matches the set temperature on the thermostat. You can set the Smart Thermostat in Celsius or Fahrenheit. See Setting up your Thermostat 

4. System and Fan Settings 

Displays the current operating mode of your heating and cooling system, as well as the furnace fan setting. Press Details to adjust these settings. 

5.  System Messages

Provides additional information on the operation of the system. 

6.  WiFi Signal Strength Indicator

Indicates the strength of the signal the Smart Thermostat is receiving from your WiFi router. You must have WiFi enabled for the indicator to work. 

7. Current Date and Time

Displays the current date and time for your time zone. 

8.  Internet Connection Indicator

Indicates that the Thermostat is connected to the Internet

Feature Buttons

Feature buttons allow you to quickly access the various features of your ecobee Smart Thermostat. 

Register: Use this button to register your Smart Thermostat, as well as your personalized web portal at Refer to Creating Your Personal Web Portal for details. Once you’ve successfully registered, this button will be replaced by the Weather button. 

Weather: This button displays the current outdoor temperature and weather conditions for your registered location. Press it to see the full five-day forecast.  Please note when you register your thermostat, it’s important to select your location accurately, as ecobee will use your local weather data to better control your heating and cooling. You must register your Smart Thermostat for this feature to operate. 

Details: Press the Details button to see system details such as humidity levels and furnace fan settings. If you have a ventilator, humidifier or dehumidifier connected, Details displays the current settings for those, as well.

Program: Press Program to set the desired temperatures throughout the day for each day of the week. The icon on this button changes to show which period of the day (awake, away, home, sleep) is currently in effect.

Resume: If your thermostat has been manually adjusted, the Resume button will be displayed. Pressing this button will cause the system to revert back to the scheduled program. 

Quick Save: Pressing the Quick Save button as you leave your home will put your thermostat into energy savings mode. To return your thermostat to its previous settings simply press OK on the touch screen.

More: Press this button to navigate to more features available on your Smart Thermostat.

Cleaning the touch screen

To clean the touch screen: From the Home screen, press More > Clean Me.

Press the Clean me button to deactivate your touch screen. You can clean the Smart Thermostat touch screen by spraying water or any mild, non-abrasive household cleaner on to a clean cloth. Wipe the surface of the touch screen with the dampened cloth.

Note: Do not spray any liquids directly onto your Smart Thermostat.

The touch screen will be deactivated for 20 seconds. The time to reactivation of the touch screen will count down.


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