Programming your Smart Thermostat

Your heating and cooling needs change depending on the time of day, and day of the week. 

For example, if there’s no one in the house during the workday you might want to let the temperature go up in the summer, to reduce energy used by the air conditioning system, and down in the winter, to reduce heating energy. 

Your Smart Thermostat is flexible – you can program four or more different time periods per day, seven days a week. Each period is represented by a unique icon. These icons are found on various screens on the Smart Thermostat, as well as on your personalized web portal. They are: 

Awake: The start time of this period is typically when you get up in the morning

Work: This is usually when you leave to go to work

Home: This is when you get home from work in the evening

Sleep: This period is when you go to bed at night 

We call it a Smart Thermostat because it learns how your home and heating and cooling equipment perform. This means you can be sure that your home is at the temperature you want, when you want it, without wasting energy. 

When your schedule changes, you can quickly and easily update the thermostat settings on the device itself or online through your personalized web portal.  To further accommodate your comfort and schedule you can add extra program periods (refer to Using the Editor for details). 

There are two ways to program the Smart Thermostat: Use the Wizard to guide you through the steps OR use the more advanced Editor feature. 

Using the Program Wizard



To use the Wizard: From the Home screen, press Program > Wizard in the upper right corner of the screen Note: If your Smart Thermostat is in Hold mode, you must press Resume in order to get to the Wizard. Choose the setting that best fits your daily routine. Press Next to go to the next question. When the Congratulations screen appears, press Done. 

The Smart Thermostat Wizard takes you through a step-by-step process to set your Awake, Work, Home and Sleep programs. 

Note: If your Smart Thermostat is in Hold mode, you must press Resume in order to get to the wizard.   

The Smart Thermostat will not ask you what temperature you want in your home during work hours. Instead, it automatically sets this to minimize your energy consumption, while ensuring the room temperature reaches the desired temperature when you come home. If you prefer to set this temperature manually, use the Editor feature.  

If you want to change anything, you can either run the Wizard again, or press Editor to make specific changes. See Using the Editor. 

If you aren’t connected to the Internet, you must ensure the time and date are programmed. Refer to Personalizing your Smart Thermostat for details. 

Note:  Humidity levels are not included as a programmable option, even if a humidifier or dehumidifier is installed and controlled by the Smart Thermostat.  

Using the Editor


To use  the Editor: From the Home screen,  press Program > Editor in the upper left corner of the screen. Select the days you want to adjust (choosing more than one day will change settings for all the days selected), and press Next. Adjust temperature by pressing the heat or cool buttons on the right-hand side. OR select Add new item to add a custom period. 

The Editor is more advanced than the Wizard.  It allows you to set specific times, temperatures and furnace fan settings for each day of the week. Select the desired program period to adjust start times or disable the period entirely. 

Select a current Heat or Cool set temperature to adjust the temperature or fan settings for that period. Any program period changes will automatically apply to all the days in that period and will be shown at the top of the screen. 

If your system is enabled for auto change-over mode, the heat and cool set temperature will automatically be adjusted to ensure a minimum difference between the heat and cool set temperatures. 

In auto system mode, the fan setting will revert to whatever is configured in the Details  fan setting. Auto change-over mode and the minimum temperature difference is configurable in the installer setting. 

To accommodate for your varying schedule you can add additional program periods in your week. For example if you come home for lunch during the week or want different settings for the weekend, you would simply add one of the existing periods at the allocated time and day or create a completely new one. 

Scheduling a Vacation


To schedule a vacation: From the Home screen, press More > Vacation. Press New and enter a name and the duration of your vacation

The Smart Thermostat’s Vacation feature helps you conserve energy while you are away for extended periods of time. It also ensures your home is comfortable when you return. To program a Vacation, select the New button. Here you can program a name, start date and time, as well as the end date and time. You can enter any number of uniquely named vacations. Other features to choose from include:

ecobee Optimize: Turn this option ON to tell the thermostat to automatically set your Heat Temperature, Cool Temperature, System Mode and Furnace Fan settings to maximize energy conservation while you are away. 

Turn this option OFF to manually configure Heat Temperature, Cool Temperature and Fan settings.


Heat Temperature: Programs the set temperature when the system is in Heat mode (i.e., when the furnace is on). Set a lower temperature to save energy.


Cool Temperature: Programs the set temperature when the system is in Cool mode (i.e., when the air conditioner is on). Set a higher temperature to save energy. You can also choose to turn off your cooling system while you are away to save more energy.


Fan: Toggles the fan setting between ON and Auto. 

ON:  The fan runs all the time regardless of programming or if there is a call for heat or cool. The fan will also run if the System Mode is OFF. 

AUTO: This option turns the furnace fan on but only when the system is heating, cooling or ventilating your home, or to satisfy the minimum fan run time as programmed. 

Minimum On Time:  This feature allows you to determine a minimum time per hour that the furnace fan will run. It results in increased air circulation and a more consistent temperature within the home, and is more cost effective than choosing the ON position for the fan.

 In either mode, the Smart Thermostat will ensure that when your vacation ends, the thermostat will revert to the regular settings. 

Note: If you were running your regular program prior to the start of your vacation, on your return the Smart Thermostat will restore your home to those settings. If you were in Hold mode prior to the start of your vacation, the Smart Thermostat will restore the home to whatever the set temperature was just prior to your vacation.

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