Connecting to the Internet / Setting up WiFi / Registration


Connection to the Internet

Connect your Smart Si thermostat to the Internet so you can control it from your own personalized, secure ecobee Web Portal, smartphone, or tablet.

From the Web Portal, you can:

  •                            Program, configure and control your Smart Si thermostat.
  •                            Control your Smart Si thermostat from anywhere you have Internet access (including smartphones and tablets).
  •                            Use local weather data to maximize energy savings.
  •                            Receive important alerts and reminders about your heating and cooling system.


Note: To connect your system to your personalized ecobee Web Portal you must have a broadband Internet connection and a wireless 802.11 b/g/n (WiFi) home network.

Setting Up WiFi and Obtaining a Registration Code

The Smart Si thermostat uses your home WiFi network to connect to the Internet. First, enable WiFi on the Smart Si thermostat.

The Smart Si thermostat will display a list of available networks, along with an indication of the signal strength (the more bars, the better) and whether encryption is used.

If your home network is not listed, or if the signal strength is very low, try adjusting the antenna on your wireless router. If that doesn’t improve the signal, try moving your router closer to the Smart Si thermostat.

Once your network has been detected, select it from the list. If the network is encrypted, you will be asked to enter a password for that network. This is the password you created when the wireless router was first set up.

After you provide the password, your Smart Si thermostat will automatically connect to the Internet. A chain link on the screen indicates you have established a connection with the ecobee web servers.

Write down the registration code as you will need it when configuring your Web Portal account. You can leave the code displayed on the screen while you continue with the next step.


To set up WiFi:

  1. From the Home screen, press MENU > Register Thermostat >Continue > WiFi Settings. Select WiFi Radio Enabled.
  2. Select your network from the list. If prompted, enter your network password.
  3. The Smart Si thermostat will automatically connect to the Internet and display a registration code.
  4. Write down the registration code; you will need it in the next step.

Having Trouble?

If you are having trouble connecting to the Internet or  finding your WiFi network, you may need to configure your network parameters manually.

Configuring a Web Portal Account

After setting up WiFi on your Smart Si thermostat and obtaining the registration code, you need to configure your Web Portal account.

  1.  From a web browser on a PC, visit and click on the LOGIN link.
  3.  Click the Smart Si thermostat.
  4.  Click Create a new account.


(If you already have a Web Portal, click Register to an existing account, enter your email address and password, and proceed to step 6).



5. Enter your email address and password. Click Create Web Portal.



6. Enter the Registration Code displayed on the SMART Si thermostat. Click Register.


Note: If you forgot the registration code, select Register Thermostat again from the Smart Si thermostat menu and obtain a new registration code.

7. Return back to your Smart Si thermostat and select Yes to confirm your email address and complete the registration process. If you made a mistake with your email address, select No and repeat the registration process.


Your Smart Si thermostat is now registered. You can now monitor and control your Smart Si thermostat from the Web Portal or from your smartphone or tablet.




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