SMART Si Thermostat Basics


The Smart Si thermostat has an easy-to-read color screen that displays all the information you need to set and manage your Smart Si thermostat. Use the navigation buttons on the right to quickly change the temperature, access features, and configure your settings.

What’s on the Home Screen?

Whenever you press a button, the Home screen is displayed.



1. Current Temperature and Humidity

The current (actual) temperature and humidity in the room where the Smart Si thermostat is installed. You can set the Smart Si thermostat to display Celsius or Fahrenheit.

2. System Mode

The current method of temperature control: heat, cool, or auto. See System Mode on page 12.

3. Current Set Point

The temperature at which the system is programmed to maintain at a particular point in time.

Press ▲(up) or ▼(down) to adjust it manually by increments of 1°F (0.5°C). If the system is set to Auto, press ◀(left) or ◀(right) to switch between heat and cool set points.

When you manually adjust the set temperature, you put the system into a Hold mode. See Hold Action on page 18. To return back to the pre-programmed temperature, press OK.

For maximum savings you should program your Smart Si thermostat to control the temperature automatically. See Creating Your Weekly Schedule on page 27.

4. Current Time/Date

Displays the current date and time for your time zone.

5. Internet Access

Indicates that the Smart Si thermostat is connected to the Internet. The more bars, the stronger the signal. A chain link indicates communication with the ecobee web servers.


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