Resetting the Thermostat

Resetting the Thermostat

At some point during the life of the Smart Si thermostat you may want to quickly reconfigure it or restore it to the default state.


  • Reset Registration:  Resets the connection between your Smart Si thermostat and your personalized Web Portal. This terminates the link between the Smart Si thermostat and your email address/password. Note: After this reset, you must re-register your Smart Si thermostat if you want to continue to use your Web Portal.  
  • Reset Preferences and Schedule: Resets all your preferences, reminders, alerts and programming back to the default state.
  • HVAC Equipment Settings:  Resets the Smart Si thermostat’s equipment, threshold and sensor configuration.
  • Reset All Settings:   Resets the Smart Si thermostat back to its default factory settings and removes any registration information.
  • Reset Contractor Info:   Resets any information about the Contractor who installed the Smart Si thermostat.


To reset your Smart Si thermostat: From the Home screen, press MENU. Select Settings Reset. Choose the reset option that suits your needs.

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