Scheduling a Vacation

Scheduling a Vacation

The Smart Si thermostat’s Vacation feature helps you conserve energy while you are away for extended periods of time. It also ensures your home is comfortable when you return.

To schedule a vacation: From the Home screen, press MENU. Select Vacation. Select Add Vacation. Enter a Name. Enter the Start and End dates and times of your vacation.

A vacation event includes a name, start date and time, as well as the end date and time. You can enter any number of uniquely named vacations. Other vacation features to choose from include:

ecobee optimize:

    • Select Yes to have the Smart Si thermostat automatically set your Heat Temperature, Cool Temperature, System Mode and Furnace Fan settings to maximize energy conservation while you are away.
    • Select No to manually configure Heat Temperature, Cool Temperature and Fan settings. These settings will be remembered the next time you create a vacation event.

Heat Temperature: Programs the set temperature when the system is in Heat mode (i.e., when the furnace is on). Set a lower temperature to save energy.


Cool Temperature: Programs the set temperature when the system is in Cool mode (i.e., when the air conditioner is on). Set a higher temperature to save energy. You can also choose to turn off your cooling system while you are away to save more energy.


Delete Vacation: You can delete individual or all vacation events:

  • To remove an individual vacation event, display the details about the vacation event, then select Delete Vacation Yes.
  • To remove all vacation events, display the Vacation menu and select Delete All Yes.


Fan: Toggles the fan setting between ON and Auto.

  • ON The fan runs all the time regardless of programming or if there is a call for heat or cool. The fan will also run if the System Mode is OFF.
  • Auto This option turns the furnace fan on but only when the system is heating or cooling your home, or to satisfy the minimum fan run time as programmed.


Fan Min On Time: This feature allows you to determine a minimum time per hour that the furnace fan will run. It results in increased air circulation and a more consistent temperature within the home, and is more cost effective than choosing the ON fan setting.

In either mode, the Smart Si thermostat will ensure that when your vacation ends, the Smart Si thermostat will revert to the regular settings.

Note: If you were running your regular program prior to the start of your vacation, on your return, the Smart Si thermostat will restore your home to those settings. If you were in Hold mode prior to the start of your vacation, the Smart Si thermostat will restore the home to whatever the set temperature was just prior to your vacation.

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