Understanding Alerts

From time to time your ecobee system will display an alert — a reminder to change the furnace filter, or perform regular maintenance, for example. If you have connected your Smart Si thermostat to the Internet, these alerts can also be sent to you via email.

When an alert displays, you can dismiss it or ask to be reminded later. For example, if you receive a furnace filter alert and choose Remind me later, the alert will clear and display again 24 hours later. If you choose OK when the alert displays, it will reset the reminder.



List of Alerts

 Below is a complete list of alerts. Depending on the configuration, some of these may not apply to the system.


Furnace Air Filter: Your furnace filter needs to be cleaned/changed. 

UV Lamp: Your UV lamp needs to be changed. 

Low Temp. Alert: The temperature in the home is too low. 

High Temp Alert: The temperature in the home is too high. 

Heat Not Resonding: The system has failed to heat the area.

Cool Not Responding: The system has failed to cool the home.

Maintenance Reminder: You are due for regular maintenance.

Auxiliary Heat  Run Time: Your auxiliary heat source is running too often.

Auxiliary Outdoor Temperature: Your auxiliary heat source is running at higher than expected outdoor temperatures.

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