Smart Plugs description


The Smart Plug is a simple remote switch with power consumption measurement. It supports communication with other devices through ZigBee protocol. The Smart Plug can be turned ON/OFF by other devices through ZigBee HA profile. The Smart Plug also measures the Power and Energy consumption of the appliance connecting to the socket. Upon receiving a valid command from other device, the Smart Plug will send the power and energy usage information to other device through ZigBee Simple Meter cluster protocol. (Remark: using Simple Meter Cluster of SE profile but working under HA profile).



There is a dual-color (green and red) LED on the device to indicate the following status:

  • Green LED is on if relay is on, LED is off if relay is off.
  • LED Green will be on when device resume power to indicate the relay is on.
  • If the unit successfully join a network, the red LED will flash at a frequency of 1HZ,lasting for 5 seconds.
  • When unit idenfity itself,green LED will flash at a frequency of 2 HZ.



leaving the Network

Press and hold the button for 3 seconds, the Smart Plug will leave current netowrk, then the Smart Plug will start an automatic scanning process starting from Channel 11. Once the Smart Plug find a Coordinator that allows join, the Smart Plug will try to join the Coordinator. If it is successful, the red LED will flash for 5 seconds.


Turning ON/OFF of the relay

 Press button will toggle the relay ON and OFF.



  • When device has not joined a network, it will scan all the three channels every 1 minutes and try to join when a network is found.
  • When device is power up, it should first try to *re-join* to the current network it joined, but if it is not detected, the device should leave current network then try to find and join another network.
  • If device has joined a network and user manually ask to disconnect by pressing button, the device should try to connect to a different network than the one it was joined previously, But if there is still one network detected, then re-join it even if it is the same one.
  • If device has joined a network and user ask to disconnect via leave request command, the device should try to join the pre network, but if there is only one network detected, and device will join it even if it is not the same as the pre network.


Output Socket Relay:


The Live line of the Socket is controlled by Relay:



Parameter Storage: 

The following parameter will be stored in non-volatile memory and will be kept when the Smart Plug is remove from AC power:

  • Coordinator information 

When the Smart Plug resume power supply, it will try to connect to the last Coordinator connected and the relay is on.


Support Zigbee Cluster:

Client Side: on/off configuration, simple metering.


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