Installing and Setup of Zigbee module for Si

Home Automation Features

The ZigBee Module lets your Smart Si thermostat communicate with ecobee Smart Plugs, Zigbee-enabled electrical outlets that you can control from your Smart Si thermostat. Once installed, you can view each Smart Plug’s energy consumption and weekly program, and turn each plug on or off from your personalized Web Portal. You only need one ZigBee Module per thermostat – it can connect to multiple Smart Plugs (up to 32).


Step 1. Check Thermostat Software

To use the ZigBee Module, your Smart Si thermostat needs to be running software version or later. Software updates occur automatically, if required, when the Smart Si thermostat is connected to the Internet. If you are running an earlier software version, contact ecobee customer service (email or call 877-932-6233) to receive a free upgrade.


 To verify the software version you are running:

1. From Home screen, press MENU.

2. Select About Version and then press OK.


 Step 2. Install ZigBee Module

The Smart Si thermostat has a keyed connector, located near the battery, designed for the ZigBee Module.

To install the ZigBee Module:zigbee si module 1.JPGzigbee_si_module_2.JPG

This equipment is sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD). Before starting, discharge your body of static electricity by touching a grounded metal object. Always hold the devices by their edges and do not touch any of the internal components.

1. Using a flat-head screw driver, gently separate the Smart Si thermostat from its wall-mounted backplate. Once removed, lay the thermostat on a flat surface, with the internal components facing up.

2. Insert the plastic stand-off B that comes with the ZigBee Module C into the round hole in the thermostat circuit board, just above the battery.

3. Align the connector of the ZigBee Module to the connector on the Smart Si thermostat and gently push into place. The stand-off will secure the module and ensure it does not move.

4. Make sure the top of the plastic stand-off snaps through the ZigBee module, as shown in the illustration on the right.

5. Attach the Smart Si thermostat back onto the backplate on the wall.


Step 3. Install Smart Plug Into Outlet (Optional)

If you already have a Smart Plug, plug it into a standard household electrical outlet, then plug in a light or appliance. Ensure that the switch on the actual light or appliance is left in the ON position. Consult your Smart Plug Manual for information about placing the plug into network discovery mode.


Step 4. Set Up ZigBee Network

To use Smart Plugs, you will need to set up a ZigBee Home Automation network with your ecobee Smart Si thermostat.

To setup the ZigBee Home Automation network:

1. From the Home screen, press MENU

2. Select Settings ZigBeeModule(Internal) and then press OK.

3. Follow the prompts to configure Home Automation.

You may choose to add your smart plug at this time, as per the prompts or add the plug once the setup is complete.


Home Automation Options

Congratulations! Your ZigBee Home Automation network is now set up.

To view Home Automation details:

1. From the Home screen, press MENU.

2. Select Settings Home Automation and then press OK.

From the Home Automation menu, you can:

  • View technical information about the network.
  • View devices (i.e. Smart Plugs) currently connected to the network.
  • Add new devices to the network
  • Remove devices from the network.

Consult your Smart Plug Instruction manual for detailed information about configuring and using Smart Plugs. For general information about using your thermostat, consult your Smart Si thermostat User Manual.





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