I have AppleTV installed but Siri isn’t working away from home

To control a HomeKit-enabled accessory (including HomeKit-ecobee3) away from home, you will need an Apple TV (3rd generation or later) with software version 7.0 or later. If remote access isn’t working for you, please make sure you’re signed into the same iCloud account on your iOS device and Apple TV. If you continue to have issues, try signing out of iCloud on your Apple TV, then sign back in. If remote access still doesn’t work, try power cycling your Apple TV.  If problems persist, please contact our support team for further troubleshooting. 


Connecting a Brand new AppleTV to the iCloud and thermostat

  • Requirements:
    1. AppleTV
    2. iOS device (iPhone , iPad or iPod)
    3. Ecobee HomeKit Enabled Thermostat
    4. Wi-Fi Network
  • Steps:
    1. Make Sure that the Thermostat  and iPhone is connected to the same Wi-Fi Network
    2. Turn On the AppleTV
    3. Connect the AppleTV to the same Wi-Fi network
    4. Connect the AppleTV to the same iCloud account
    5. Thermostat should get the AppleTV keys within 5 minutes.
    6. Verify that the AppleTV is connected to the thermostat
      1. Disable Wi-Fi from the iPhone to simulate being away from home
      2. send a Siri command to the thermostat

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