How can I create custom Scenes in HomeKit?


 1) In the ecobee mobile app, open the menu from the top left corner (either the green "back" arrow if you're on the main screen of your thermostat or the silhouette icon if you're in My Devices screen)

arrow.png  account-icon.png


2) Select "Manage HomeKit" from the menu



3) You should see the option for "Scenes"—select it



4) You should see all of your current Scenes. To create a new Scene, select the green "+" icon in the top right corner 



5) Enter a name for your new Scene, select the ecobee device you'd like to enable the Scene for and then select the command;

  • Choose "Resume Schedule" to resume your programmed schedule when this scene is triggered
  • Choose "Comfort Setting" to choose a specific Comfort Setting to maintain when this Scene is triggered
  • Choose "Custom" to create a custom set point to maintain when this Scene is triggered

When you're finished creating your Scene, select "Done" in the top right corner



6) Success! You should now see your Scene displayed with the others



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