How to add the ecobee app to the Today View on iOS

iOS 8 newest abilities with iPhone, iTouch and iPad users is the option to add widgets to the Today tab. ecobee mobile app can easily be added to Today view by following these steps. 


After downloading/installing the ecobee app. 

Step1: Swipe down from the top of the screen on your iPhone or iTouch running iOS 8 or higher. Tap on Today if not already selected. Scroll towards the bottom until you see Edit then tap on Edit.



Step2: The ecobee app will automatically appear in the Do Not Include section. Add the ecobee app by tapping on the plus icon. It will become active at this point.



Step3: You can drag the widgets up and down to change the order in which they appear in the Today tab Notification Center by tap and holding the hamburger icon located to the right of widget name.



Step 4: Swipe up to save and return to Home screen...and that's it.


To access ecobee Today notification swipe down while on Home screen.




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