Help! I just installed my ecobee Switch+ and it isn’t turning on

Don't worry, there are a few steps you can take to get your Switch+ up and running.

  1. Check the breaker panel and confirm your breaker is powered on
  2. If it is powered, flip your breaker to the off position
  3. Unsnap your Switch+ wall plate
  4. Unmount your ecobee Switch+ and remove the two screws attaching it to the wall box
  5. Pull out your ecobee Switch+
  6. Ensure that all wires are properly connected and that wire nuts are firmly in place
  7. Reverse these steps and reinstall your Switch+

If you're still experiencing problems, please contact ecobee support: 

1.877.932.6233 (Toll free)

1.647.428.2220 (International)

email us:

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