What skills can I use with my ecobee Switch+?

You can enable any skill available through the Alexa App or at Here’s a quick way to understand the difference between 3rd party Alexa skills, ecobee Smart Home skills on your ecobee Switch+.

3rd Party Alexa skills

These are any skills that you enable through the Alexa App or through that do not control your ecobee. Alexa Voice Service has built-in voice commands ready to use, but additional skills need to be enabled before you can use them. They can range from trivia games to daily news.

For a list of built-in Alexa voice commands that you can use with your ecobee Switch+, click here.

ecobee Smart Home skills

The ecobee Smart Home skills allow you to control your ecobee using Alexa enabled devices such as Amazon Echo, Dot, or Tap. Since ecobee Switch+ comes with built-in Amazon Alexa, you can also give voice commands to your ecobee Switch+ to control all your ecobee devices. You must enable the ecobee skill before you can control your ecobee devices using your voice.

For a list of ecobee voice commands, click here.

To learn how to enable the ecobee skill, click here.

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