I'm getting a message saying my ecobee registration code is incorrect!

This usually means that the registration code has expired and needs to be generated again, or that the code is being incorrectly entered.

If the code has expired:

Registration codes are valid for about one hour after they are generated.

If your code expires, simply do the following on the ecobee thermostat to re-generate the code:

  1. Tap the three horizontal bars on the bottom left corner of the ecobee thermostat screen to open the MAIN MENU
  2. Tap REGISTRATION. If it says "2 Steps Left," you will first be directed to the Wi-Fi set-up and your code will be generated once Wi-Fi setup is completed

Write the registration code down and attempt to register your ecobee thermostat again. For help on how to register your ecobee thermostat visit the following article: How do I register my ecobee thermostat?

Please note: your registration code may contain letters that look like numbers or vice versa. For example, the letter “I” may be misread as the number “1”, or the letter “O” may be misread as the number “0”. If your registration code contains any of these characters, and the code is not working, try using numbers 1 or 0 in place of letters I or O or vice versa. 


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