My ecobee keeps trying to pair to a room sensor and the message won't go away! Help!

If your ecobee is attempting to pair to a room sensor, it means there is an unpaired room sensor with a battery inserted within the detection range (45 feet) of the thermostat.

Consider the following:

  • When the sensor pairing message is displayed on the ecobee, note the 4 digit ID on the top of the message. This ID corresponds to the ID on the back of the room sensor. Ensure this does not match any of your sensors.
  • If you live in a populated area where a neighbor may own an ecobee, your ecobee may be detecting their unpaired sensor


How to add a room sensor to the Ignored Sensors list:

1) Ensure your ecobee firmware is up to date by going to MAIN MENU > ABOUT on the thermostat and looking for the number listed under Version.

  • For an ecobee3, ensure you are running firmware version or higher
  • For an ecobee3 Lite, ensure you are running firmware version or higher
  • For an ecobee4, ensure you are running firmware version or higher

If your firmware version is not up to date, please contact ecobee support to request a firmware upgrade. Please have your ecobee's serial number ready (found under MAIN MENU > ABOUT) or your ecobee's registered email address.

2) When the remote sensor pairing message appears on your thermostat, tap "No, Don't Ask Again", and then "Yes, Ignore"

pair1.png   pair2.png

This will add the sensor to an Ignored Sensors list. If you would like to re-enable pairing for that sensor, you can tap "Ignored Sensors" (found under MAIN MENU > SENSORS) and re-enable pairing.

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