How do I remove a Switch+ from my ecobee account?

If you need to remove a Switch+ from your account, login to the ecobee app with your username and password and do the following:

1) Select your Switch+ from the list by tapping it. You may need to tap "Switches" in the bottom right to switch from Thermostats view to Switches view

Screenshot_20180622-160929.png   Screenshot_20180622-151131.png

2) Tap the Main Menu icon in the bottom left and then tap About

Screenshot_20180622-151135.png   Screenshot_20180622-151139.png

3) Tap "Remove Device from Account" and then "Remove" to confirm

Screenshot_20180622-151142.png   Screenshot_20180622-151144.png

NOTE: If your Switch+ is offline, you'll see the following screen instead when you get to Step 2. In this case, tap "Need Help?" and then "Remove Device From Account"

Screenshot_20180622-153337.png   Screenshot_20180622-153348.png

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