How to Test Your Heating HVAC System with ecobee thermostat

You’ve changed your filters, checked over your furnace, and customized your settings to get ready for heating season. You’re ready for one last step!

Did you know that you can check if your HVAC system is engaging with your ecobee thermostat? Avoid being left in the cold and run this quick test using our built-in “Test Equipment” feature, which you can conveniently find on your ecobee thermostat.

Reasons to test your HVAC system

  1. You installed your ecobee thermostat in the summer and haven’t used it for heating yet
  2. Your heating system is not turning on but the ecobee is indicating a call for heat
  3. There might be an issue with your HVAC system, but you need to double check the wiring configuration to your ecobee thermostat

Access “Test Equipment” on your ecobee

To access the “Test Equipment” setting on your ecobee thermostat, tap on Menu > Settings > Installation Settings > Test Equipment. Tap on “Test Equipment”, then tap “OK” to confirm. Please note, this feature is only available on your ecobee thermostat and is not accessible through the app or online web portal. The options displayed on the Test Equipment screen will depend on if you have a Conventional HVAC or Heat Pump system.

test_equipment_1.png       test_equipment_2.png

If you installed your ecobee thermostat in the summer season, this may be the first time that you’re turning the heat on. Testing your HVAC equipment is a good way to troubleshoot any misconfiguration of the thermostat settings or wiring, especially if your heating system is not turning on but the ecobee is indicating the call for heat. If the heating system is coming on, let the system operate for 3 minutes to confirm it will get up to operating temperatures without failure.

Verify your ecobee Thermostat Wiring Configuration

One of the more common scenarios in this situation is a configuration error that can be easily fixed. If your old thermostat had an RC/RH jumper installed and only one actual Red (R)-wire, then this means you have a single transformer system. In this case, the ecobee thermostat should have been configured to “Yes, only RC is connected” during the initial setup.

To confirm if you’ve set up the correct wiring configuration on your ecobee thermostat, tap on Menu > Settings  >  Installation settings  >  Equipment  >  Wiring. The terminals highlighted in white should match the wiring configuration on the thermostat back plate. Check out the images below to see the wiring configuration for a Conventional and a Heat Pump system.

wiring_conv.png        wiring_hp.png

If you have confirmed that the wiring configuration is correct and are experiencing an issue calling for heat or the thermostat is rebooting during the testing phase, you may have a problem with your furnace.

Newer, modern furnaces incorporate some basic diagnostics that can help with troubleshooting. If equipped, these features can be viewed through a small window without removing any door panels. These diagnostics are indicated with a series of flashing LED's and will vary depending on the manufacturer.

Please note, most types of furnace issues will require a trained HVAC technician to perform further troubleshooting and repair if necessary. ecobee can help you find a pro in your area if you need the assistance of an HVAC technician.






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