ecobee and IFTTT

All ecobee devices except the Smart, Smart SI, EMS, and EMS SI thermostats are compatible with IFTTT (If This Then That).


Does my ecobee work with IFTTT?

Yes! Follow these steps to connect your ecobee account to IFTTT:

1. If you don't have an IFTTT account, create one at
2. After you've created an IFTTT account, log in.
3. Go to the ecobee IFTTT channel and select Connect.
4. Enter your ecobee credentials, then select Login.
5. You will be asked to authorize connecting your ecobee account to IFTTT. Select Accept to authorize.
6. Your IFTTT and ecobee accounts are now connected!
7. Download and install the IFTTT app for your mobile phone—please do not skip this step as it will be useful for diagnostics if they are ever needed!

How do I connect my ecobee to my IFTTT account?

If you do not have an IFTTT account, create one at After you’ve done so and have logged in, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to the ecobee channel.
  • Enter your ecobee credentials, then select Accept to finish the linking process.

          ecobee_ifttt.png ecobee_ifttt2.png

 Congratulations! You’ve officially connected your ecobee to your IFTTT account! 

  • To use an IFTTT applet with your ecobee, just select your desired applet and select "Turn On" for it to run.


What IFTTT recipes can I create?

Below are some examples of recipes you can create on IFTTT for your ecobee.

  • Send an email when the temperature crosses a threshold.
  • Use the iOS or Android location channel to create a geo-fence.
  • When there is a vacation set on your Google calendar, set the thermostat to be in vacation mode for a certain number of days.

For an extensive list browse the ecobee channel in your Activated Channels.

Can I add my own IFTTT triggers and actions?

Each channel has its own triggers and actions. Users cannot add their own.

Let ecobee know! We would love to hear feedback from our IFTTT integration users on additional features they would like to see.



Why is my ecobee not performing any IFTTT actions?

1. Ensure that the ecobee IFTTT app has been authorized. Log into your account, and make sure the correct ecobee email is linked on your account.
2. Ensure that the recipe is Enabled.
3. Review the recipe log.
4. Ensure that the trigger event is firing.
5. Replace your action with a very simple one, such as a Date & Time trigger.
6. Check to see if your action is triggered by the new simple trigger.
7. If you are still encountering issues, contact support.

Why is my IFTTT recipe not working?

1. Make sure that your recipe is Enabled. If it is grey such as in the picture below, it is Disabled.


2. Try the Check recipe now button and see if the recipe runs.
3. Check your Recipe log for errors.
4. Call ecobee support with any errors that you are unable to resolve at 1-877-932-6233




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