What features do I get with a subscription for my SmartCamera with voice control?

ecobee SmartCamera with voice control will be able to record and detect motion right out of the box. With a subscription to home monitoring, your current features will be enhanced in many ways and you will gain access to new features and settings that will further improve your experience.

Below are a list of features a user can enjoy without a subscription:

  • Setup - Connect to Wifi
  • Smartphone app
  • Live video
  • Virtual camera (pan/tilt, pinch/zoom etc.)
  • Siren
  • Two-way talk
  • Activity feed
  • History tab
  • Person detection
  • Online/offline status of the device

In addition to the above, below are a list of features that require a subscription:

  • Watch missed alerts
  • Watch historic video
  • Record video
  • Take a snapshot
  • Download video/snapshot


History Tab

The History tab is a feed of videos and snapshots that will be available for customers with a camera and a home monitoring subscription. Content that will appear in the history tab include:

  • Videos auto-recorded by the camera as a part of an event (see: Event recording)
  • Videos manually recorded you, the user
  • Snapshots that are taken you, the user


Manual Recording and downloading videos/snapshots

With a Haven subscription, you will be able to manually record videos up to two minutes in length and take snapshots of your live feed. You will also be able to download your recordings and pictures through the History tab on your mobile device.



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