Free Features

Live Feed: Using the ecobee app with your mobile device, you can drop in to a live feed of your SmartCamera with voice control anytime.

Pan/Tilt/Zoom: While in Live Feed mode, use the on-screen controls in the ecobee app to pan or tilt the feed in real time.

Siren: When viewing your Live Feed, tap the “Play Siren” button to activate a siren sound on any compatible ecobee devices within your Home (ecobee SmartCamera with voice control, ecobee Smart Thermostat with voice control, ecobee4, ecobee Switch+)

Manually turning the camera On/Off: Turn your SmartCamera with voice control on and off from the app with the tap of a button.

Two-Way Talk: Use the ecobee app to listen in on your SmartCamera with voice control, or speak through the built-in speaker.

Alerts: Receive automatic alerts when your SmartCamera with voice control detects people or motion while your home is armed.

ecobee Family Accounts support: Invite family members to be able view and get camera alerts.

Activity Feed: The ecobee app keeps a historical record of your SmartCamera with voice control’s event history, including motion detection events, home arrivals and departures, and more.

Autopilot: Set up AutoPilot in order to automatically turn on your SmartCamera with voice control when you leave home and off when you arrive back to maintain peace of mind and your privacy.

Subscription-exclusive features

Video Recording: Manually record and store video clips up to two minutes in length, and enjoy peace of mind as the SmartCamera with voice control automatically records when motion or people are detected.

Taking Snapshots: Using the ecobee app, you can take photos of your camera’s feed by tapping the Snapshot button.

Video and Snapshot Storage: Snapshots and videos are stored and accessible for up to 30 days through the History Tab in the ecobee app.

Clip Storage Download and store snapshots and videos from the History Tab to your device.

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