Using the History tab

The History tab is a subscription-based feature that stores all recordings and snapshots taken by the SmartCamera. Recordings can either be made manually or automatically while your home is armed and a person or motion event is detected.

All videos and snapshots saved in the History tab can be stored for up to 14 days.



How do I share/download/delete my snapshots and videos?

With an active subscription, you may download and/or delete any of your snapshot or video stored in the History tab. Simply select your video then choose the "upload" icon to share or the "trash can" icon to delete.

All videos are initially stored in the cloud. Once you’ve downloaded the video or snapshot it will be stored directly on your device.

NOTE: In order to download videos you must allow the ecobee app to have access to the storage on your device.

Sharing/Downloading snapshots and videos


Deleting snapshots and videos


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