Replace your Room Sensor battery





ecobee Room Sensor uses a 3-volt CR-2032 battery that can be purchased here:





Change the battery

Replacing a Room Sensor battery involves gently prying off the battery cover, removing the dead battery, and replacing it with a new battery. Ensure that the positive side is facing up.


If your sensor uses the sensor stand

  1. Place your thumb and index finger on the narrow part of the sensor stand, and your other hand on the front of the sensor.
  2. Gently pull upwards to release the sensor.
  3. Remove the battery by gently prying it out of the battery compartment with a thin tool such as a pen, plastic card, or screwdriver.




If your sensor uses the circular battery cover

  1. Using a thin tool such as a pen, plastic card, or screwdriver, slip the tool into one of the recessed corners of the battery cover.
  2. Gently pry the battery cover off.
  3. Using the same tool, gently pry the battery from the battery compartment.




Insert a new battery

Ensure the battery is inserted positive (+) side up as shown here. You will need to push the battery gently to allow the metal prongs to hold the battery into place.






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