ecobee Air Filters for Pro: Frequently Asked Questions




Air Filters for Pro

ecobee Air Filters for Pro is a new subscription-based service designed with the ecobee Pro in mind to help you unlock an easy, stable stream of recurring revenue. 


What are the benefits?

  • 10% of the lifetime revenues of homeowners signed up for ecobee Air Filters through your unique referral link.

  • 1 new homeowner per week can generate up to $468* annually or $1,404* through the customer’s lifetime for you.
  • ecobee homeowners see a co-branded sign up flow when they sign up using your unique referral link.


Why should homeowners sign up?

  • Convenience in their busy lives. 

  • Health and family are more important than ever with concerns over COVID-19. 

  • Automatically syncs filter deliveries with ecobee thermostat filter change reminders. 

  • Regular filter changes reduce energy consumption and can help prevent costly repairs. 



How it works

How do I sign up?

Contractors can register as an affiliate at Signing up is easy and only takes a few minutes.


What happens after sign up?

  • You will receive an email to confirm whether your application was approved or asking for additional information.

  • Once approved, you will receive a unique referral link for your company. For example - This is a co-branded Air Filters signup link that identifies to ecobee that a homeowner came through your referral.

  • ecobee homeowners that sign up for Air Filters using your unique referral link unlock lifetime recurring revenue for you!


How do I get paid?

  • After you are approved as an affiliate, you will receive access to your dashboard where you can link a PayPal account, view your account and see payments in real time.
  • Commissions are paid out at the end of every month to your linked PayPal account.


What can homeowners expect in the sign up flow?

  • Homeowners can easily sign up in minutes by signing into their ecobee account and filling out a few simple details - their filter size, quality and delivery schedules and provide shipping and payment information.

  • As a pro, you'll be helping the homeowner by identifying their filter size to make it easier to sign up.

  • Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of the homeowner signup flow



Screen_Shot_2021-03-02_at_9.59.13_AM.png Screen_Shot_2021-03-02_at_8.07.05_AM.png
Step 1 - Sign into your ecobee account. If not yet available, create one first in the ecobee mobile app

Step 2 - Learn about the service. Includes pro's recommendation


Screen_Shot_2021-03-02_at_8.07.57_AM.png Screen_Shot_2021-03-02_at_8.08.38_AM.png
Step 3 - Select filter size and quantity Step 4 - Select filter quality


Screen_Shot_2021-03-02_at_8.08.57_AM.png Screen_Shot_2021-03-02_at_8.10.55_AM.png
Step 5 - Select delivery schedule Step 6 - Review subscription details


credit_card.png review.png
Step 7 - Enter credit card details Step 8 - Confirm


Step 9 - Success/confirmation



If a homeowner has questions, where should I direct them to?

Homeowners can learn more about the service at


How is ecobee helping us sell to homeowners?

  • ecobee has built a highly-rated subscription service with the homeowners' needs in mind, removing much of the friction involved with filter replacements. 

  • ecobee provides direct-to-consumer marketing support to help drive program awareness.
  • ecobee will also provide you with a leave-behind card which includes your unique link, so that homeowners can refer to it when they are ready to sign up.

  • If you need more support, please reach out to your local sales manager or


Am I the only one promoting to a homeowner?

You may or may not be. If a homeowner is using multiple pros and they are signed up affiliates, the homeowner might get recommendations from multiples pros. However, who gets paid is decided based on whose unique link the homeowner uses.



* Estimated earnings numbers are based on a $90 average homeowner spend per year (benchmarked on Dec. 2020 and can change over time). Assumes an average of 2 filters per shipment, average of 2 shipments per year and an expected 3-year contract length.

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