I received a "Your ecobee account password was changed" email. What does this mean?

If you received a “Your ecobee account password was changed” email from, this means your ecobee account password has been reset.

If you changed your ecobee account password, you can disregard the email. You will be logged out of all devices, not including your third-party integrations, and will have to log in with your new credentials next time.

If you did not change your ecobee account password, this may mean someone has access to your email account. We recommend you:

  1. Secure your personal email account. You should change your email password and set up Two-factor Authentication. If you cannot receive emails at the address you used when signing up, you should create a new account with a valid email address and do the same.
  2. Secure your ecobee account by resetting your ecobee account password, and setting up Two-factor Authentication with your ecobee account. Changing your password will terminate all existing sessions where devices are logged into to your ecobee account, not including third-party integrations.

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