What is Smart Recovery and how does it work?

ecobee thermostats have a feature enabled called Smart Recovery. As you continue to use your ecobee, it learns how long it takes your home to get to a desired temperature. Your ecobee will take into account the performance of your HVAC equipment relative to the effects of weather on your home. The longer you’ve had your thermostat, the more data it has, and the better it is at predicting how long it will take to bring your home to a given temperature.


Smart Recovery preemptively heats or cools your home in anticipation of a transition in your schedule. The higher the difference in set points between these two programmed Comfort Settings, the earlier the system may engage, and the longer the system may run to reach the target set point.

For example, let's say your set point during your scheduled Away period is 78 degrees, while during your scheduled Home period, it's set to 72. Using the gathered data, the ecobee will turn on your air conditioner before your schedule shifts from Away to Home so that by the time your Home period comes into effect, the temperature will already be at 72 degrees (as opposed to waiting until the schedule changes and then trying to bring the temperature down from 78 to 72).

Note: Smart Recovery is a learning algorithm and can take a couple of weeks to fully determine how far in advance to turn on your equipment. You may notice that the thermostat is engaging earlier than it should however it will be continually learning your HVAC equipment's efficiency and become more accurate with use.

With the Smart Recovery feature enabled, your ecobee determines the best time to start heating or cooling so it's always the right temperature at the right time. 

This feature can be turned on or turned off.  To set up Heating or Cooling Smart Recovery on your thermostat, follow the steps below. 

On the thermostat:

  1. Select Main Menu > Settings > Preferences
  2. Select Heating Smart Recovery or Cooling Smart Recovery.
  3. Touch Enable or Disable.

Via the Web Portal:

  1. Select Settings tile.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Select Smart Recover Heat Mode or Smart Recovery Cool Mode.
  4. Select Enable or Disable.


If you notice that your thermostat has been engaging your equipment outside of your schedule and would like to confirm it's Smart Recovery running, you can download your thermostat's historical data. Log in to the web portal and select the Home IQ tile. From here, click on System Monitor and then Download Data at the bottom of the menu. 

You can view your thermostat's past run-times, equipment modes, and if Smart Recovery is running - it will say when it is engaging under the Calendar Events column. 

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