How to schedule a vacation on your ecobee thermostat


Going on vacation soon? Lucky you!

The Vacation feature on your ecobee helps conserve energy while you’re away and ensures your home is comfortable when you return.


Save more energy on your vacation

When you schedule a Vacation you’ll be prompted to set a minimum and maximum temperature threshold.  These settings will minimize your system runtime while also ensuring your home doesn’t go above or below certain temperatures while you’re away. This helps protect your home from frozen pipes or extreme heat damage so you can truly relax and unwind on your trip.


To schedule a vacation

From the Home screen, press MENU. Select Vacation. Select the Plus symbol to add a vacation. Enter a Name. Enter the Start and End dates and times of your vacation. You can then customize your minimum and maximum threshold temperatures by tapping Vacation Settings.

You can enter any number of uniquely named vacations.

ecobee will ensure that when your vacation ends, it reverts back to your regular comfort settings and schedule.


Safe travels!

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