Using the ecobee plus Alexa skill

There’s now so much more you can do with Alexa on your ecobee thermostat, thanks to our new custom skill, called ecobee plus. Now, you can control your fan, set comfort settings and resume your schedule, just by asking.


To enable the ecobee plus skill

Log into you Amazon Alexa web portal, select the "Skills" tab, and search for "ecobee plus". Once you’ve selected this skill, select the "Enable" option. 

Note: For some commands you'll need to specify the name of the thermostat or sensors (eg. Living Room or Bedroom). For other commands, you can simply say ask ecobee, regardless of whether you have multiple devices. 


Get the temperature:


“Alexa, ask ecobee what the current temperature is.”

“Alexa, ask ecobee how cold it is in the (Sensor or Thermostat name).”


Set the temperature:


“Alexa, tell ecobee to set the temperature in my (Sensor or Thermostat name).”

“Alexa, ask ecobee to set the (Sensor or Thermostat name) temperature to 72.”


Increase the temperature:


“Alexa, tell ecobee I'm cold.”

“Alexa, ask ecobee to make it warmer by 3 degrees.”


Decrease the temperature:


“Alexa, tell ecobee I'm hot.”

“Alexa, ask ecobee to make it cooler by 4 degrees.”


Set Away, Home and Sleep comfort settings:


“Alexa, tell ecobee I'm back home.”

“Alexa, ask ecobee to set my thermostat to home mode.”

“Alexa, tell ecobee I'm going out.”

“Alexa, tell ecobee good night.”


Resume your schedule:


“Alexa, tell ecobee to return to my schedule.”

“Alexa, ask ecobee to cancel hold.”


Get the current set point / mode:


“Alexa, ask ecobee what the (Sensor or Thermostat name) is set to.”

“Alexa, ask ecobee if heating is enabled.”


Get your equipment status:


“Alexa, ask ecobee what equipment is running.”

“Alexa, ask ecobee if my dehumidifier is running.”

Note: You can ask about the status of your heating, cooling, boiler, heat pump, humidifier, dehumidifier, ventilator and fan. If you’ve just made a change to your equipment, please wait a few minutes for the status to sync.


Run the fan:


“Alexa, tell ecobee to turn fan on.”

“Alexa, ask ecobee to turn on fan in my (Sensor).”


Change the mode:


“Alexa, tell ecobee to turn on heat mode.”

“Alexa, ask ecobee to activate cool mode.”

“Alexa, tell ecobee to turn off auto mode.”

Note: If switching modes, your ecobee should be switched to Off mode first.


Create a vacation:


“Alexa, tell ecobee I'm going on vacation.”

“Alexa, ask ecobee to set a vacation from tomorrow to next Wednesday.”



The ecobee plus custom skill will work alongside the ecobee Smart Home skill to give you total control of your thermostat. The skill is compatible with all ecobee thermostats, including ecobee4, ecobee3 lite, and ecobee3. For more information, please see


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